The Bigger Truth

on Friday, April 27, 2007

In the quietness of my flaccid heart, one gentle heartbeat sustains its existence. This heartbeat echoes in every corner of my heart’s chambers shouting for only one name… your name.

Are you there? Can you hear the echoes of my crying heart? I know you’re close to me but it seems like the truth is leading you away from me. Why do you have to yield to this truth when there is a bigger truth that both you and I know of? That our hearts belong to each other and that we can fly across the universe with our wings complementing each other. My soul finds rest in your presence and your heart finds strength in my loving arms. This is the truth that both you and I could not possibly deny. For You and I my love, can readily testify that real people can love unconditionally.

But why are you still holding on to this small truth, why does your heart succumb to things that would inflict so much pain to yourself and to me, your true love? I have been trying to keep my sanity all this time…… been holding on to that thought that the universe would conspire in search for true love and that the waves of the sea will forever sing of our love….. I am hurting but I will love you greater than he does. This has always been my vow….. My promise… My destiny….. I love you.