Is God Unfair?

on Monday, March 14, 2011

Is God Unfair?
By: Dennie Comia
13th March 2011 – Starbucks, Galleria

How many times have we asked ourselves how unfair life is? How God can look down from the heavens and see the cares of this world without lifting a finger to fix them? You see, everywhere we look at, good people suffer and the not-so-good ones prosper and exalted; children are starving across the globe, marriages fall apart despite the genuineness of their vows, and the list goes on and on. People make choices for this is something that God can not steal from us, but should this omniscient God push the STOP button if He knows that the choices His children will make will ultimately bring them one step closer to oblivion? Look fellas, I am just as naïve as some of you to ask these questions and I am no EINSTEIN to give you an equation to answer such questions. However, please allow me to be your preacher just for this moment and I will endevour to put some Slurpees on your bewitched heads.

We all have stories to share about our struggles in this life. I used to think that watching drama movies and “tele-seryes” was a waste of time for they only magnify the intricacies of life to attract viewers who could relate to the stories. But hey, they may be real you know. While you become so affected with your longstanding personal loans and unsettled credit cards, or your relationships sapping your energy out, or even your boss bringing out the devil in you (pardon my French, will ya?!), other people are hardly living because of the sour consequences caused by other sapiens’ selfishness, bondages, and ungodliness. You see, God never desires to see us begging for His blessings or worse is expecting for our breakthroughs in vain. We are all His children yet most of us have never even had a glimpse of oasis in our own wilderness. How come Christians suffer and those who curse God ultimately prosper in many ways? Can the enemy bless God’s children abundantly so they could continue their waywardness? Hmmm, that’s a toughie, y’know. But the enemy only steals, destroys and kills God’s children, it is not in his nature to bless people especially God’s children. In this way, people should see the very nature of Christ, faithful and loving. He can’t deny His nature, He blesses people regardless of their character. Now you may call Him unfair!!! He blesses the not-so-good ones and forgets His children?! Isn’t that soooo unfair? God has His ways to let us realise that He is after all in control about the things in this world. The problem with us is we always try to understand God’s plan for mankind with our limited reasoning. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts and therefore we will not be able to calibrate our interpretation against His wisdom. God has separate plans for each and every one of us, they are unique to oneself and the timelines are also different. Others have died without even experiencing their breakthroughs in their lifetimes (so they thought!), but that doesn’t mean that God wasn’t present all those years. His timelines may mean forever to one person or it could extend to another lifetime (to your descendants). One thing is for sure though, our patience and obedience to God will be rewarded while we are here on earth or it could be extended to the lives of other people or to our children. Abraham did not see the Promised Land but God remained true to His promises and to the people of Israel. After years of wandering in the wilderness, He remained faithful not just to Abraham but to His descendants. He provided everything they needed, He protected them, He sustained their strengths, but despite God’s faithfulness to them, they were ungrateful and impatient. Some of them may have died in that exodus but God kept His promises. They reached the Promised Land after several years, although Abraham did not see it, his obedience to God and God’s faithfulness to His promises led his people to that land flowing with milk and honey. Do you honestly think that all the Israelites who were part of that exodus really deserved God’s blessings? I think not (this is just my opinion, ok?!), but you see, God’s character is true and faithful. He let them see all the breakthroughs because it was what He promised to the people of Abraham. He did not knit-pick on people who should be left behind, because that was what He promised. We ask the WHY’s because we look at people differently, their lifestyle, their practices, their beliefs, etc etc and then we tell ourselves that they don’t deserve God’s blessings because of their sinful lives. Before you even judge them, think again, God looks at us differently. He looks at a murderer differently; He blesses liars just like He blesses other Christians; He prospers the greedy just like He supplies the needs of His disciples. But this does not make Him unfair, every blessing He gives to a person is combined with an opportunity for that person to see His face differently. If one misses that chance and goes on with his filthy ways, that person will reap curses perhaps not in his lifetime but in the lives of other people whom he/she loves or worse is it could be extended to the lives of his descendants. I can’t re-emphasise enough that nobody can ever explain the mind of God, but if we continue to hold on to our faith and trust that God is in control in everything that happens around us, then these questions will not haunt us forever.

My prayer for all of you is that you will feel excited about what God will do in your life and to the lives of your family in this lifetime. It is nobody’s responsibility to compare and interpret the will of God for other people, the best thing for us to do is to TRUST that God is in the works of molding the character of His people no matter what and how long it takes.