Countless Times - A Poem By Dennie

on Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Countless Times
December 29, 2009
Shell Office, Makati City

Countless times, I have hurt you.
Countless times, I have nailed you on the Cross.
But Your mercy never fails
And your grace sustains me.

Will I ever fathom your steadfast love for me?
For every time I choose to follow my ways
Your Spirit chastises me
And Your goodness causes me to fall on bended knees.

Countless times, I have challenged your precepts,
But only to justify my humanness.
My mind may disprove Your existence
But my spirit truly desires Your fortress.

So today I set aside my earthly cognition
And embrace Your Spirit’s comprehension.
The works of Your Hands will forever amaze me
They will remind me of Your unfailing love.

Countless times, You have comforted me
Your Presence assures me of your providence.
Countless times, You removed the clouds above me
Your Glory illuminates my ignorance.

Let my tongue speak of Your faithfulness.
Let my life be the temple of Your goodness.
For in this lifetime, I shall see Your greatness
More than a countless time.