A Struggled Vagrant

on Friday, December 14, 2007

When life starts to lose it’s glory and you feel like you’re a vagrant on a path to life, every road you take only leads you to a maze of impossibilities. That one’s search for love, life and purpose seems to hover in the same distance where the heavenly bodies sit in grandeur. But out of the heart of this burdened soul, I shall once again endevour to find hope in these endless battles of love, life and ominous failure; and like an agitated river rushing through the banks to meet the sea, I shall keep my spirits high in my search for this distant happiness.

Ask a lonely man of what is happiness and he will give you a diary of painful events, this is because his heart only recognizes the scars of the past and not the possibilities of overcoming them. The bribes of this world have blinded the eyes of people searching for one true happiness; a stable job, a fat wallet, or even a wonderful set of friends who, just like the other lonely people, could not also give a dose of their own desolation. Then what is there to hope for when everything else in this abundant yet dreary world offers promises of an indescribable happiness?…….. I guess this is the same question I have… A lonely guy in search of simple happiness…. Simple yet probably way too impossible to have. The things I have in my hands seem to be not enough and so everyday I wish that if everything falls apart I would find that single soul who will stand by me and walk with me on this journey to happiness. Many times I have fallen apart but there was none to pick me up, no face to look up to, and no hands to give me comfort. I am so wounded, yet nothing and nobody could stop the bleeding. There were times when I knew I was close to embracing my heart’s desire but only to find out that it was just a reflection of my wants. Nevertheless, I will never stop hoping that someday, somehow love’s face will consume my ever hungry soul….