Missin' You...

on Saturday, May 31, 2008

You came to my world just in time when everything around was full of hatred and lies. You took away my infliction and used Your hands to uncover my blinded eyes and at that moment in time I saw love. Oh how I enjoyed every single story you shared to me, our neverending conversations on how the future would look like for You and me. So I thought how selfish I could be if I wouldn’t tell others about the promises You gave me as well as the great things You showed me. So at some point, my spirit was soaring high above the heavens only because You taught me the Physics of defying gravity. Then suddenly I lost You or perhaps You lost me, the gravity has overpowered me and pulled me down to earth and back to my ever vagrant feet.

I tried to understand Your absence while nurturing the anxieties within me and during that chronic despair I remembered You saying, “I would go and prepare a place for you.” I guess I was just too happy at that time and ignored Your proverbs but in spite of that, I’m missin’ you…… I really do…. So off I go to my journey, building houses on foundations I know would soon fail me and even if I know that sometime soon I will see the place you have prepared for me still I’m missing you. Day after day, my head is filled with dreams of gaining wealth from gold, but a shallow sound of breath of my hapless soul would awaken me from this daytime slumber. Then still I would convince my heart that someday gold will fade it’s value and there will only be one thing that I will always dream of having - - - To have You back in my arms again as You lead me to the place You have prepared for both You and me…. But then again, in reality my feet are planted here on earth and gold is what making this heathen world exist, so how much longer will it be until I get to see You and Your love again? Although I know that You love me but please tell me when can I be there with You? Night after night, I look up the stars (and wish it didn’t have to be so high, sigh!) wishing that they could tell me how You really love me but even if they never give me answers, I know that somewhere behind those twinkling stars, a perfect place awaits me and I hope that in my lengthy journey that place will never be given to someone else….

It’s quarter past 10 and my day is about to end but just before I put my eyes to rest I will remember this blog to remind me of how much happiness it gave me while reminiscing my past love… Such a lovely way to remember my Love.

Oh, I’m missing you.
Lord, I’m missin’ you.