A Road To Seven

on Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Road to Seven
September 9, 2009
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I find it so comical when adults look for (beauty) perfection in seven days when what is circulating around their Somas are nothing but wasted cells, impaired nuclei and free radicals. All these are by-products of years of desecration to one’s body or perhaps even due to the famous wear-and-tear principle, but in any case perfection or near-perfection can not and will never be attained in just seven days unless if you are God. If it were true, then you would probably see me painting myself with these enchanting creams, Lolz.

The world’s view on beauty is somewhat universal (usually based on superficiality), in fact according to other theorists there are mathematical equations that could be used to determine a certain ratio for beauty and imperfection regardless of race and other demographics. Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawings of the human anatomy, for instance, also empasised the relationship of beauty and symmetry. Hence, anything that does not fall under these so-called “Objective” evaluations for beauty is considered an appalling mistake of God’s creation…. Ouccch!! Guess that’s a beastly description of being unattractive (Now you know how much I despise Brad Pitt, nyahahahaaha - - Kidding!)

Regardless of how many equations there are in measuring beauty, I will never allow myself get fooled with any of these for I know that my Creator has patterned me into His likeness. I was beautifully and wonderfully made by the One who created the universe and so why bother. Beauty, according to the common adage, is in the eyes of the beholder but knowing whose eyes we consider as a benchmark for this saying is more important than staying attractive all the time just to please everybody - - - although, I can do that effortlessly, nyahahaha!! (Pardon my narcissism, I know I need a Shrink!!!) You see, the “beauty” of things goes through stages; an alchemist knows that a certain insignificant element could be transmuted to something precious like gold or silver, but still it has to go through fire to remove all the impurities before it becomes an exquisite stone desired by all. The butterflies that we adore went through ugly metamorphoses; a baby goes out from a woman’s womb wrapped in blood and full of mess; and a flower begins with a single insignificant bud before it blossoms and expose its glory, you see the point is that nothing in this world begins with something pleasant and adorable. We need to go through a complete mess before we can truly appreciate who we are and whose we are.

People always have this burden to make things beautiful beyond their might. We have embraced the fact that humans are extremely intelligent that we can figure things out ourselves and resolve every conflict, every struggle, every painful memory, and every confusion just to make our lives beautiful according to our own standards, that is the world’s standards for beauty. However, I am not saying that we should not use our God-given intelligence and just accept things as they come; my point is that the circumstances in our lives can NEVER be beautiful enough and attaining perfection is insanity. God has blessed mankind with wisdom to make our lives beautiful in His sight and I reckon that it requires faith and patience to actually see that transpiring before our eyes and the eyes of the people who see us. However, there are things that look so sour on the natural despite one’s steadfast faith to God and they seem so unbearable. This is the metamorphosis of our Christian living; often times we need to experience a complete mess before we can truly see the glory and the power of God lifting us up from an IMPOSSIBLE SITUATION.

What happens when we lack faith, obedience and patience and do things our way? We look for other avenues and embellish our lives with worldly accomplishments such as accolades from our peers, a nice job that nourishes our wallets, tons of academic certificates and degrees, and so on and so forth. These are all worldly attempts to make our lives beautiful before the eyes of this world. Remember that the world’s standards are not God’s standards for we can never understand His ways and the vastness of His knowledge is immeasurable. Often times, God is directing us towards His will but when we see the arid wilderness ahead of us we ask God, “Lord, is there any another way?” We do not see what God has prepared for us at the end of our journey, but one thing is certain, God is preparing a golden mansion for each of His children, a kind that is incomparable to the wealth of this world. We should not settle for the kind of beauty that this world promises us to give, but let’s anchor our faith on God’s promises while we go through our ugly metamorphoses until we finally meet Him face to face. I am not rallying against self-improvement as God also wants me take care of myself and improve the condition of my life. All I am saying is that we need to put God into our equations and not to do it our way and present our accomplishments to Him as if we were much omnipotent than Him.

God has His own timeframe before He lets us see the beauty behind our obedience and patience. Rest assured though that He will make things beautiful in His own time. Your life may be passing through an ugly phase and you are so tired of waiting for it to finally see its breakthrough, what you should unceasingly do is to pray that God will sustain your strength as you wait for His plans to uncover. Giving up on our faith by proving to ourselves and the people around us that we can do it without God is a world’s strategy to achieve perfection. Later on you will see that you merely settled for a hut compared to what God has desired for you to have. Beauty creams and SPFs can never adorn our lives, real beauty is hidden in a bud or in a cocoon waiting to be laid bare according to God’s perfect time.

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.” Ecclesiastes 3:11 (NIV)