Inside The Lion's Den - A Poem

on Thursday, March 19, 2009

Inside The Lion’s Den – A Poem
19th March 2009

Looking up from this den,
The crescent light disappears
Now I am clothed with fear
For my future looks dim.

I do not want to stay here
And think that my end is near
For the beast can smell my fear
So Lord, come rescue me here.

As I wait for my demise
Speak to me this time
Or my strength will soon vanish
And into oblivion I shall perish.

The darkness covers my vision
As my senses shout for Your salvation.
Consume me with Your fire, my Saviour
And never keep me away from your favour.

Torn and wounded,
I cry unto You
Lord, burn this lair
But forget not my prayer.

With my remaining strength
I will seek for Your light
Blot out my depression
And sustain me in this flight.

--dennie comia--

At The Battle's Forefront - A Poem

on Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How much longer will I wait
Until I see Your face?
How many battles must I win
Until I see your glory?
The blood stains in my chest are forever before me
But Your eyes seem indifferent towards me.

At the onset of this war
You said Your weapons would sustain me
But with my body’s frailty
The enemy has besieged my territory.
So with my remaining strength I go to you,
Refresh me, Oh Lord or I will lose this battle.

Distraught by the smoke
That this war has caused me.
I am succumbing to my defeat
Without any pride nor wit.
And with my remaining breath I say unto You,
“Why, O Lord, have You abandoned me?”

Chivalry has left me with a weak heartbeat
But even with this unexpected retreat
I will yield to Your Sovereignty
Knowing that You will empower me
To raise a flag of victory
Amid the ruins of my maladies.

So whether I am wounded or not
I will stand tall
For I know at the end
You will always cause me to triumph.
Therefore, I shall not fear death
For death does not exist.

- dennie comia -

Who Says You're Naked?!

on Thursday, March 5, 2009

I have always wondered why artists love to paint naked human subjects on their naked canvases. There must be something in the human body that they probably consider as mythical or even Harry-Potterish, but since I am not an artist, --- y’see, I can’t even draw a house, for Pete’s sake!!--- I will never get to appreciate the right geometry of the human anatomy. All I know is that it’s quite humiliating to be naked before a bunch of people holding different theories in their open minds, more so if they’re paying too much attention on the concavities and convexities of your asymmetrical body. If I were to flaunt my physical glory before a crowd --- ok, ok, I know this is more of a desperate dream, nyahahahaha!! --- guess which part of my body I will cover? …. Of course my face!! They can see the whole of me but not gossip about it because they wouldn’t know who the subject is, unless of course they’re too intrigued about what they’re seeing --- hiryago again dennie! This is already too much of a coping mechanism, have you taken your tranquilizers yet!! Hahaha --- that revealing my face will ultimately feed their brains’ satiety centres. Well, of course you know I’m just babbling and this is all non-sense, hahahaha. Kidding aside, mankind’s evolutionary development made us realise that nakedness is a humiliation, a taboo, and even a manifestation of some neurological imbalances, but what does being naked truly mean in the eyes of God? Is it a sin to be symbolically naked before God? These things I will humbly endevour to explore to make us realise how beautiful we are in God’s eyes.

The book of Genesis tells us about the Fall of Man, this was after Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. When God was looking for Adam in the cool of the day, he answered, “I heard You in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked. So I Hid.” Then God replied, “Who told you that you were naked?”… There are two things that I wish to emphasise on both of their responses; first Adam saw his nakedness, he saw the obvious, he saw the limitations whereas God saw the glory of His creation through Adam, and that he was not naked. You see, we are like Adam who thinks that what we see in ourselves is what we really are. I believe that in this life, we need to think mythically…. Oh yes, you read it right, we need to go by the myths of life, these are stories or teachings with or without determinable basis of a fact or a natural explanation BUT need to be construed on a different angle. Most of the time what we see is never quite what they seem, which explains why it takes wisdom to understand the intricacies or myths of life. Some people feel that they are worthless because they are poor and that their lives are not at par with their contemporaries. They dislike themselves for not being able to vanquish their battles, for not being smart, for being unattractive, for being in chains of some habitual sins and bondages, for failing their parents’ expectations, for not being able to perform well with their jobs, for being so obstinate about their principles just to hide their inequities, and the list goes on and on. These things are obvious and can be seen or experienced by one’s self with his/her day-to-day living. These may all be true and agreeably would affect one’s perception about him-/herself, but if you think mythically, what you see is never quite what they seem. We are the children of the Most High God, we were patterned into His likeness and that alone should guarantee us that His favour would always be upon us no matter how bad we’ve become or how bad the circumstances are around us. Where you are now does not determine your future, you may suffer some of the consequences of your wrong decisions but that does not mean that God’s only plan for you is to suffer. Your CHARACTER is the one thing that matters to God, He is not concerned of what you have become but more of WHO YOU ARE and WHOSE YOU ARE. I always say this to my small group at our church; God will not change the circumstances around you because He wants you to have a character, a kind that will truly reflect His identity through you, through us. Just because you have none does not mean you’re naked! God looks at us differently for our identity belongs to Him. We are His children. We were beautifully and wonderfully made by God. We are the apple of His eyes. We are highly favoured. We are loved. Nothing in this world can EVER take us away from God’s love, not even sin, not even our brokenness, not even our bondages. Amazing love!

The next time you feel that you have nothing and worthless, think again. God does not see your limitations; He looks at your heart and your true identity, which of course belongs to Him. You are never an accident in this world for God has purposefully created you to do great things for Him and for yourself. Let’s all be passionate about living, after all we only have one life to live.

In This Desert

on Monday, March 2, 2009

You alone are the witness of my failures.
You alone know the weight of this chaos.
The troubles of this world have overcome me
With no soul to comfort me
For I am alone
Here in this desert

So I tried to seek you
But you seemed distant to me.
I tried to feel you
But you seemed cold to me.
When, Oh Lord, will you rescue me
Here in this desert.

In the coldness of this arid land
I curled up to keep myself warm.
And with a little hope lingering in my head
I thought of Your Cross and Your victory over death.
So I knew Your power could save me
Here in this desert.

So with my body failing
I cry out to you again.
Saying, “Lord, have compassion on me
For my wounds are ever upon me
And my chains, they have subdued me
Here in this Desert.

My Lord, I may not understand your plans
For Your thoughts are unfathomable.
All I know is that amidst these troubles
Your favor will surround me.
Your oasis will satisfy me
Here in this desert.

- dennie comia -