False Identity

on Monday, January 24, 2011

False Identity
By: Dennie Comia
24th January 2011
Abelardo’s Diner – Wack Wack, Mandaluyong

Every day you wake up but you find no reason to get up. Then you will try to remember about what you read and heard from motivational speakers who taught you to be invincible, to unleash your potential, and to become a hero of yourself. But no matter how much effort you exert, you end up feeling frustrated for not being able to overcome your limitations. Then you realise that you are simply masking your pains, it may have desensitised your emotions but it never truly takes away the fears, the insecurities, the nightmares of your past and the uncertainties of your future. You ask yourself, “Is this all I can expect from a God who cares?”, “Is life all about finding your place under the sun?”, “Does being happy mean being intimate with someone or being in love with a person you truly care for?” Although, I will not endevour to find answers to these questions (as my experiences may be limited compared to those whose lives are spent with greater struggles) but I will simply put a sketch of God’s face on your weary souls. The only Face that can truly quiet my troubled soul.

Looking at the reviews done by techy-addicts on the performance of some famous Android/Tablet products that have recently gone out, they always use a benchmark for comparison. Usually it’s the very first product that was ever launched in the market that is used for benchmarking, in this case it’s Apple’s iPAD. The new gadgets like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, BB’s PlayBook, etc. are simply a pastiche of features and specifications of other android phones and iPAD. Although I am not in the position to really compare these products because for one, I don’t own any of them and secondly I am overwhelmed by the features they present to the hungry techy predators out there. It scares me to even know the cost of one at this time, so I am forced to love my not-so-reliable touch phone (unless some of you would like to bless me with a Tablet, **clears throat**!!!) Well, my point is companies will always find ways to create a need for everyone to make our lives a lot easier, quainter, and much classier (talking about status symbol). It’s all about situating their excellence at the forefront of everything, getting attention and having their names embedded in the minds of the public. If finding one’s identity under the sun is all that matters on this planet, then it is frightening to see how chaotic this world could become. I guess it has already started, or I may be wrong. I am an ordinary person with nothing much to brag about except the fact that He has blessed me with a loving family, but just like every-“sapien” else on this tilting planet I feel so concerned about not being acknowledged, remembered or simply not being important to some people. To me, that appreciation by people may somehow complete me and make my day happy, but since I don’t get that much attention I feel that I’m just hovering up in the air unnoticed by all, defying the laws of gravity and trying to create my own fantasies in a more ideal world. However, we will all leave this place and will not be able to testify the truth behind that ideal world. In our world, bad things happen to good people, lives are broken, relationships are temporary, and happiness is hardly found. We take different routes hoping that the road will be kind to us and will allow us to meet the person who can truly substantiate our existence on this planet. For some behaviourists, they justify these ways to help people move on and help them strategise their lives by human efforts. I hope you will not get me wrong, God has commissioned these people and their belief systems in pulling the people out from the ruts but they surely will fall short from God’s promises to those who love and devoute their lives to Him whom our true identity belongs. If you are struggling with identity or always wanting to find purpose in your life then you may be traversing through a wrong path. If you think your accomplishments will embellish your basic understanding about life and eternity then perhaps you have been fooled by earthly wisdom. The only way to really see the invincible is to be blinded by the glitters of this world, and the only way to your resting place is to be chased by Him. God wants us to have a full life but it is not our task to understand the insufficiencies and incompleteness we feel every day. It has also been a struggle for me to rationalise everything to help me ease the pain of being alone (in some aspects), His silence makes me wonder, doubting everything I read about His words and His character but I can’t force God to do things according to me own terms. Instead, I am slowly learning how to TRULY put my trust in Him and depend on Him. I have nothing but He is my Everything. I may not be able to understand most of the things that transpire in this world but His wisdom will help me understand the only things I need to see my destiny. Faith is the linchpin of living a full life according to His will, it is believing that God has our best interest at heart no matter how painful and lonely our lives have become. In His own time, He will unfold His face to you so you’d see everything that is to be seen.
Finding real happiness by knowing your true identity is never a bad thing, but if you benchmark it with how the world defines it then you will never be able to reconcile your identity in this world and to whom your identity truly belongs.