Abstraction - A Poem of Love

on Tuesday, April 21, 2009

21st March 2009
by: Dennie Comia

Never have I grasped
The mystery of the heart.
Never have I desired
being pulled up from this mire.
For my heart welcomes nothing
Other than the pain that is self-inflicting.

And just like a river
Anticipating its endless journey,
My heart’s odyssey has never seen favour.
For being one with the sea
Is merely an illusion
I don’t want to conceive.

But on that ordinary day
She came and made my heart wonder,
Why love suddenly refutes this unbelief
About things embellished by one’s fantasies.
So now I’m starting to have a glimpse
Of this myth I have never dared to kiss.

Should I embrace this myth
Or should I dismiss it?
My mind will never trust myself
For fear has taught my heart
To doubt love that can’t be sustained
By a heart that has been harshly wasted.
penned by: dennie