My Earthly Strategies Of War

on Sunday, July 13, 2008

In the realms of my mighty fortress, I have found myself trapped under the bricks of the castles I constructed. The dust has blinded my eyes, the smoke has contaminated the air then right before my very eyes I saw the grandeur of my kingdom facing its ominous downfall. Tears have run down my cheeks while looking at my kingdom’s flag burning just a couple of meters away from me. I told myself that my sovereignty should not end this way and with only a few viable vertebrae working, I tried to get up to look for my scepter thinking that raising this tiny piece of metal would signal a payback time. However, my legs could not support me and they were too weak to bear my weight so I ended up being so frustrated about this disability.

Then I realised that all my earthly strategies of war, which I alone conceptualised failed me when I needed them the most. My mighty fortresses succumbed to the opponent’s valour and I was left with broken bricks around my helpless body. But it is only through this despair that I once again heard a very familiar tiny voice echoing around my kingdom. It was God’s comforting voice that suddenly lifted my soul up from this ruined land. So I laid down all my defenses and cried profusely as I screen the surrounding to search for His tiny voice.

Now, I am surrendering all that I am to Him even if it costs me everything. I would have not identified what my real battles were had I not experienced my downfall. In the middle of my battle I believe I have finally understood what Victory really means and so I surrender all my weapons of defense and lay my hopes and dreams to my Defender… my Friend… my Saviour…. my GOD! If relinquishing my earthly battles would mean sacrificing all my kingdoms, ambitions, and my other earthly gains then I will willingly give them all to the One who truly owns them. Everything I am and everything I have belongs to Him for this life I’m living is not my own. Just as Abraham laid Isaac on a sacrificial fire if all I have is all that my Creator desires then I surrender them all to Him…..

I may have lost my earthly battles, but God has redeemed me and has made me Victorious in His eyes!