Your Light - A POEM by Dennie

on Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Your Light – A POEM
26th May 2010
Starbucks Megamall

Each day the sun rises
My hopes are not awakened
Lord, the path I have taken
Seems deserted and forsaken.

Will I truly see Your countenance
Amidst this road of hopelessness?
Will Your voice still speak to me
Now that I have lost Your assurance?

When love is so far flung
Will Your loving kindness give warmth?
Lord, unleash Your power
To bring my heart out from this slumber.

I don’t want to see death
If death means losing You.
Despite this life You have nurtured
Still my eyes could not see my future.

Now I wonder what it means
To be consumed by Your light?
When a heavy smoke is all around me
How could I get a glimpse of Your sight?

In this world of confusing tongues
Speak Your language aloud
Silence the Babylonians’ mouths
And let Your language resound.

Lord, a piece of Your light
Is worth a million starlights
Satisfy this longtime desire
And in my heart, let that Light abide.