For Real - A POEM by Dennie

on Friday, November 6, 2009

06th November 2009
--Starbucks Megamall--

Years have gone by
Tears have dried up
Yet the thought of you
Remains painted in my head.

In this lifetime
I have never grasped the answers
To the questions
Behind your mystery.

Some say it’s foolish to look for you
Yet others find you.
Some think you’re too good to be true
Yet others experience you.

But from the shores of my heart
Your waves bring a message of hope
That somewhere beyond the yonder
Your face will soon unfold.

And so I let go of all my fears
Except the fear of losing you.
But should you hide your face from me
My future will become bleak.

I shall wait here to prove your existence
I shall see your wonders in the midnight sun.
And in the daybreak, my hands will reach for you
So come take me to your wonderland.