Passing Through

on Saturday, April 7, 2007

I have tried my best to keep you but doing that does not mean the right thing to do. I have always wanted to despise you and even curse you for taking advantage of my love, for delaying everything even if it was all clear to you right from the very onset of this struggle… But I CAN NOT DO THAT, for my love for you breaks through all the barriers you’ve set upon me. It overcomes all the hatred and the hurt you’ve caused me. There is just soooo much love I can give to you but I guess you never acknowledged it, you never thought of my welfare… you have forgotten that I am a very delicate person who deliberately subjected myself to the lies that you have created. A lot of tears have fallen down from my eyes but you only stood there… you remained only as a witness… I only hoped for one thing…. A sound decision that only YOU can make!

You only knew one thing and that is to stay at middle ground, but little did you know that middle grounders get to receive the first bullet and the first ones to die. I have always wanted to salvage you from this possible loss, giving you options on how you could possibly come up with the right choices, but still you chose to be passive… You’re hurting two people and the only thing you did was to save yourself from the shame that you created.. I DO NOT WANT TO HURT YOU and you know that, it has never been my nature to hurt other people especially the ones I truly love…… YOU WILL STILL HAVE MY HEART but Im scared to be part of your lies again…. This has been too much for me to bear…..