To The Faithless

on Wednesday, February 24, 2010

To The Faithless – A Poem
February 21, 2010
SM Megamall

People fight for power
Feeding their souls with greed.
Leaving marks of hatred
To their ever feeble spirits.

But Your ways, Oh Lord
Have bridged that gap
Showing us the answers
To this faithless generation.

Dismissing Your existence
By minds You created
Still our hearts can not deny
Our longingness for a Saviour.

If only people could truly grasp
The science of Your unfailing love
Cords shall be broken
Lives will be restored.

It takes one perfect love
To cast away the curses of this world
It takes one great sacrifice
To make us worthy of His love.

But none of our efforts matter
To put meaning into our lives
N or the goodness of our hearts
Will bring us closer to paradise.

So have Your way in us, Oh Lord.
This we pray
Restore our land
And let Your glory unfold.


on Monday, February 1, 2010

February 01, 2010
Shell Office, Makati City

As I come closer to see your face
My brokenness is magnified.
Feeling naked and wounded
My eyes cry.

I am a captive of my own afflictions
And my soul is fleeting away.
Oh Lord, I am helpless
Rescue me from this den.

They say I am a fighter for nothing
For I have never declared any victories.
My fortresses have failed me
Losing my kingdom’s glory.

Left with a dying courage
Amidst this cloudy road
You see my agony
You restore me.

With no words spoken,
I see Your tears falling.
With your outstretched arms
I experience grace overflowing.

Search every wound, Oh Lord
And heal every pain they cause.
Remove any hinge of suffering
That only I have inflicted.

Your compassion amazes me
And your love convicts me.
In Your grip of grace
I shall see eternity.