on Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Desperation – Lyrics by Dennie
March 07, 2010
Galleria, Ortigas

If winning every battle means self denial
Catch me as I fall down.
If being saved is close to being abandoned
Keep me into Your arms.

I need You, Lord
In my deepest longings
Seek my soul.
I need You, Lord
In my discontent
Satisfy my soul.

Show us Your heaven
When darkness plagues men.
Let Your countenance amaze us
When brokenness taints our lives.

We need You, Lord
In our deepest longings
Seek our souls
We need You, Lord
In our discontent
Satisfy our souls.

Let my tears be Your tears
Let my pain be Your pain
Oh Lord, I am desperate for Your mercy.
So desperate for Your love.