At The Battle's Forefront - A Poem

on Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How much longer will I wait
Until I see Your face?
How many battles must I win
Until I see your glory?
The blood stains in my chest are forever before me
But Your eyes seem indifferent towards me.

At the onset of this war
You said Your weapons would sustain me
But with my body’s frailty
The enemy has besieged my territory.
So with my remaining strength I go to you,
Refresh me, Oh Lord or I will lose this battle.

Distraught by the smoke
That this war has caused me.
I am succumbing to my defeat
Without any pride nor wit.
And with my remaining breath I say unto You,
“Why, O Lord, have You abandoned me?”

Chivalry has left me with a weak heartbeat
But even with this unexpected retreat
I will yield to Your Sovereignty
Knowing that You will empower me
To raise a flag of victory
Amid the ruins of my maladies.

So whether I am wounded or not
I will stand tall
For I know at the end
You will always cause me to triumph.
Therefore, I shall not fear death
For death does not exist.

- dennie comia -


Edie said...

Great poem Dennie!

Hey! I see your blog is listed now. :)

Have a great week my friend.

Sharon said...

This is a poem that came from the heart. I loved it!
Remember he will never leave you nor forsake you, he LOVES you unconditionally. Isn't that such a awesome feeling, that no matter what we have sinned at that he forgives us and still Loves us, and just wants us to try again.
Have a beautiful day my friend!
Huggggsss & blessings

white noise said...

nice dens!

Pia said...

i can actually hear you uttering those words.