Vanquishing My Mountains

on Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mountaineers have lots’a things to talk about all the majestic mountains they have painfully ascended, mostly stories of freedom. This however, made me reckon how possible it could be for someone to survive up there considering that oxygen is way thinner than it is on land. Oh well, I don’t think I could ever understand the sensation of being on top of the highest Mountain (I’m talking of Mt. Everest) because even before I reach the top, my lungs will probably have exploded….. Hello on earth to Dennie, have you ever thought that I… me… moi… will ever endevour to do that? Geesh, that’s suicidal mate! Lolz! In the spiritual realm, however, mountains are considered opportunities for advancement and growth if we can boldly command them to move. These mountains are not steadfast for the mighty hand of God can move them.

Anyway, today I would like to write about how powerful our words are or should I say that to myself? I have been a Christian since 1987, and I was only 11 at that time (HOLD IT! Don’t do the math, mate!… Yes, I’m turning 32 this year and so wut?! **sneers**) with no accomplishments to brag other than my consistent academic excellence (see I toldja, I was never humble… lolz!). Honestly, the problem about not experiencing the world before having an intimate relationship with God is that you pro’ly have a not-so-concrete comparison of how it is like to be in the world and how to experience God’s grace (anyone can think otherwise and I respect that… Look, I’m not out here to start a duel or somethin’ **winks**). So after that encounter with Jesus, I still never understood what life really was until I reached my college and working years. Life after all was a matter of choices that was what I believed in. God, I thought, gave me a great mind to be cognizant about everything I wanted to fathom. I practically relied on books and anything that was explainable, and not only that, I also justified the psychology of how it is like to be a human being in this contemporary world ---- that everybody was created as social, emotional, cognitive, and sexual beings, thus would require an allowable and acceptable exploration to feed their needs… There’s nothing wrong with those analyses but the problem was that I guess I overly explored the psychology of mankind without God’s guidance… So, I got stuck in a rut with confusions, broken relationships, depression, and emotional setbacks. All these were and still are pervading through my heart and my inner spirit ------ and so THESE ARE MY MOUNTAINS!

However, now that I have finally found my place under God’s grace, I believe that I can speak to my mountains and overcome them. Yes, I still commit mistakes and I still hurt my Jesus practically everyday (ooooppsssie! I hope Kuya Alvin is not reading this entry, otherwise, I might be forced to have another set of 12 sessions of One2One with him… kidding!). Honestly, though God knows THAT WE CAN NEVER BE GOOD ENOUGH FOR HIM because we can never be perfect, but He knows that we can live a righteous life if we can only master the skill of commanding our weaknesses and declaring victory over our mountains. This is how I want to live my Christian life, not perfect but righteous --- commanding the grace of God to be upon me to vanquish my mountains! There is power in every single word that we utter which is why Jesus used His words to command Lazarus from the dead. Temptations are very strong and the enemy has doubled up his strength to lead me back to his legions of defeated Christians, but I will not curse the darkness instead I will command the light to come in!

It is but normal for us humans to complain and magnify the problems but this probably is the enemy’s strategy to use our mouths to declare defeat and to disprove God’s mighty power in our lives. We Christians are not immune from adversities, in fact, the enemy will all the more cause us to stumble and be tempted because he knows that God has something great in store for us if we continually bask in His presence. For I know that with every temptation that I face today, there is a God-given opportunity for me to raise up my faith to a higher level and so I will guard my mouth and teach it to always declare words of victory and not words of defeat and doubts. I will be creating a different world with the words that I will use from this day on. To my mountains, I say to you, you are only a piece of rock compared to the grandeur of my Saviour and you will never triumph for my God is mighty.