A Vow Worth Keeping

on Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Your love means so much to me…… I thrive in your presence……… My soul only yearns for you, my love. For it is only you who has put back the hope of yielding myself to great love; to be intoxicated by somebody’s presence…. to feel your warm embrace that even eternity could not possibly reckon.

My small and empty world only knew one thing - homeostasis, but when your love came my world lost it’s balance. I was moved by your loving embrace, your eyes have wandered across my world and have come to love every single part of it. And so I chose to welcome you in my world despite the absence of colour and diversity. You walked in gracefully looking straight to the very core of my world, touching my life and putting back the colours that have long been thrown into oblivion. You came….. you designed my world……… but now you’re leaving. You showed me love but could not fight for it… I’m not mad at you my love, for you left me with great memories that I will cherish in this lifetime.

How could I stand every single day without your loving embrace? I miss you so badly and it’s hurting me a lot. Even if it’s wrong to love you, even if I can’t be with you in your remaining existence on this earth my heart will stay beside you.

I have given you my vow….. I will overcome forever…. I will wait for you, my love….. will forever wait for you. =’(