A New Milestone

on Monday, November 20, 2006

They say than when God closes a door, He opens up the windows........ I guess that is an understatement when He closes something He grandiosely opens up the heavens for a shower of blessings. God may have ended my mother's journey but He has already begun planning ours and this is what I am so excited about. Although I must admit that it ain't easy to find closure after my mom's death, I know that my strength will soon surface as I face another milestone in my life.

Day by day God reveals Himself to me, providing me with alternatives on how to stand firm before a throng of unsainted angels who know nothing but to trap my ever friable spirit. Yes, I get trapped MOST of the time even until now, but His spirit never grows tired of chastising me showing me the things that will all the more make me want to be in His presence. I may not understand His faithfulness but I am forever grateful that He is my loving friend and father.

As I seemlessly integrate my spirit into another milestone, I keep my mom's memories alive in my heart and in my mind. I know that wherever I may be and whatever I will become there will always be someone up there who will rejoice with me if I experience triumph and will hear all my cries if I get wounded from a fight. I thank the Lord for my mom, for my dad, for my sisters, and above all for His spirit. Behold, a new Dennie!!